Something to think about:

Have you saved money on your car insurance in 15 minutes? Maybe 7 1/2? does your neighbor have a "cheaper rate" than you do? different coverage?

Now, let me ask you this:

At the time of a claim, do you care if you saved money in fifteen minutes? Do you care about that neighbor's cheaper rate or that neighbor's coverage?

My guess is, you'll be concerned with your coverage.

Alarmingly, many consumers don't understand their coverage and therefore, many are underinsured. Often times, they don't know how uninsured until something bad happens. That's not the time to find out.

Here at Goetsch Insurance, we're concerned with your coverage, as well. We strive to offer the best coverage at the best rate possible.

Fast is GREAT in a race car, fast can be good during a shopping trip (agreed??), but fast when shopping for insurance can be devastating.

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•Boats, Motorcycles & ATVs

•RV's and Travel Trailers

•Life, Disability & Long Term Care

•Businesses & Farms
•Specialty (including liquor liability)
•Homes & Valuables
•Classic & Collector Vehicles

Some of what we insure:

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